Well, we have had slightly crazy weather over the past few months here in Pembrokeshire. With some epic winds reaching over 80mph, big swells and lots of rain. It has revealed all sorts of exciting things at the beach and meant that our shoreline has become a bit battered…nature has some serious power!

Petrified forest on a beach in Pembrokeshire Wales
Petrified forest on a Pembrokeshire beach in Wales

After a busy Board Games office day it was time to down tools and head out to get wet! With the tide at Newgale beach on its way back in the conditions were pretty perfect šŸ™‚ The paddle to get “out back” (once you have got the basics of surfing nailed your head to beyond the furthest breaking wave to catch the clean green ones!) was a long way! By the time I had made it my arms did feel like they were going to fall off..but, it was worth it! A bit of recovery time just sitting admiring the stunning views the Pembrokeshire coast has to offer in the setting sun and catching up with some other surfing buddies.

Then it was time to catch some waves…they were steep, but once up and riding they were sweet šŸ™‚ Surfing a wave makes you feel alive, it brings a smile to your face and cruising along the smooth Welsh waters refreshes your soul!


Surfing at sunset in Pembrokeshire. Newgale beach Wales

As the sun was setting we began to feel the chill of the Spring water….not being able to feel my arms any more from having so much fun it was time to head back up the beach and get warm!

It doesn’t matter how many times I get in the sea, Pembrokeshire has my heart and the fun in the sea always makes me feel happy!

Newgale beach Pembrokeshire sunset

If you fancy learning to play on a board, give us a call and we will show you the way so you share the stoke!