What is this SUP people are talking about?!

The easy answer to this is SUP is short for Stand Up Paddle Boarding.

So the next question is possibly what is stand up paddle boarding?!

This is when you stand (or kneel if you are just starting out!) on a super floaty board and use a single-bladed paddle to move about!

That is the basics right there but if you want a bit more detail then read on my SUPing friends……

SUP history

SUP has been around for quite some time (Wikipedia – Stand Up Paddle Boarding) but in recent years it has really taken off on the UK shores. Hitting the coasts, inland lakes, rivers, canals and in the surf too! It really is a great sport for all and so versatile.
You can get a few types of board, depending on what you want to do with it! Watch out for a blog post coming soon where we will run down all the different ones available to you!

The boards

The boards are really floaty (way more stable than a standard surfboard) and most people will be standing up on their first try! Which is why it is a great sport to try, if you have had a go at surfing and never quite made it to your feet, or you have been in a kayak and it didn’t quite work out…perhaps this is for you 🙂

Join us to try it yourself

At Board Games Surfing we offer half-day sessions where we will teach you the basics and get you moving around on a board and having fun. For your first lesson, we will take it slow, start out in a harbour and make sure you are getting to grips with paddling one around on the water! Teaching you the skills to turn and go in a straight..ish line! Once you get the hang of it we can paddle out of the harbour and explore the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast. So what are you waiting for, come and join us today for your first taste of this awesome sport!

Once you have had your first lesson you will be wanting to come back for more, watch out it is addictive! We can improve your skills already learnt and get along the coast even further, exploring caves and seeing our wonderful local wildlife 🙂
Our super SUP guide Libby is a fully qualified ASI level 2 SUP coach and loves to SUP 🙂 She is all about making sure you are happy and having fun, while secretly learning too! Come and join us, in our playground/office in Pembrokeshire…

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