Looking out for your safety!

At Board Games Surfing your safety is our priority.

Board Games Surfing Ltd aims to provide stimulating and challenging outdoor experiences for members of the public and various organisations. By their very nature outdoor activities take place in potentially hazardous environments. Regulations governing the commercial provision of activities for under eighteens demands that risk assessment is initiated by the provider as a legal requirement. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1992 made under the 1974 Act require employers to:

  • Assess the risk of activities
  • Introduce measures to control these risks
  • Tell their employees about the measures

Also under Health and safety legislation employees must:

  • Take reasonable care of their own and others health and safety
  • Co-operate with their employers over safety matters
  • Carry out activities in accordance with training and instructions
  • Inform the employer of any serious risks

Staff & Equipment

It is our policy to offer a service to our clients that is inclusive of the maximum benefit whilst adhering to a high standard of Health and Safety commitment and professionalism. To this end, BGS will ensure so far as is reasonably practical that:

  • Activity staff will hold the appropriate In-house assessment or NGB awards to lead clients in activities. Where NGB awards are not held the technical advisor or in-house trainer will oversee an annual training and assessment programme leading to the guide being deemed professionally competent for that activity
  • Staff will be fully conversant with emergency situation provisions
  • Equipment inspections will be carried out at the point of issue and return
  • An equipment maintenance log and formal inspections will be completed
  • Activity leaders are equipped with emergency communication devices (in suitable situations).
  • All guides are first aid trained
  • Client/supervisor ratios are appropriate for the activities
  • Clients are fully equipped to match the demands of each and every activity
  • A continuing liaison is maintained between guides, safety advisors and activity specialists

Surfing Instructors / Paddleboarding Coaches

Our team take part in regular training sessions and have full first aid certificates. All our surf instructors hold current coaching and lifeguard qualifications or have been in-house assessed. Libby, our Surf ‘nut’ is a fully trained ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) coach for surfing and stand up paddle boarding. ASI is an international adventure sports training and accreditation organisation, specialising in surfing, stand up paddle and bodyboarding for adventure centre operators and career instructors. Operating since 2003 it is the only “international” organisation providing these 3 qualifications with the highest standards in the world.

Alongside her ASI qualification, Libby also holds the British Canoe SUP leader qualification.

ASI International
P.O. Box 7502
Bondi NSW 2026

British Canoeing

Adbolton Ln,

Holme Pierrepont,


NG12 2LU

AIM (Activities Industry Mutual)

First Floor,

Douglas House,

Quarry Hill Rd,



t. 01892 888423