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  • Stand up paddle boarding along the North Pembrokeshire coast from Lower Town Harbour to Needle Rock
Can U18’s take part?2021-02-17T14:12:10+00:00

For paddle boarding we require an adult/parent to accompany any under 18’s out on the adventure with us (yes on the water!).

For surfing we can take under 18’s without an adult/parent (they will need to stay on the beach/nearby!)

Do you provide buoyancy aids?2023-03-29T12:05:51+01:00

We do provide PFD’s for paddle boarding. Your primary form of floatation support is your board. You need to be tethered to your board by the correct type of leash for the water and environment you are paddling in (we will explain about this during your first session), your buoyancy aid is your secondary form should anything happen and you end up bobbing about in the water without your board. As SUP grows as a sport we want to make sure everyone is safe, lots of people have a few sessions with us and then go on to buy their own kit. Getting used to wearing a Buoyancy aid is really important particularly with self rescues.

We do not provide buoyancy aids for surfing as it hinders the activity!


We love our furry friends but sadly we cannot take them with us… Here are a few of our favourite dog sitters who you can give a call to:
Dogsbody Pet Hotel” who provide daycare. Call – 01348 873737 

“Westo Walkies” provides walks and dog sitting. Call – 07415 540726

“Wanderwoof” Provides dog walks and will look after pooch while we are out on an adventure. Call – 07958 982952

If none of those have any room then try searching on Rover, which allows you to search an area, so if you type in SA62 as a postcode then it should give you options for most of Pembrokeshire area.

What size groups do you take out?2021-02-17T14:46:57+00:00

We keep our group sizes small so we can give attention to you all! Our maximum group size is 12 people. If for any reason you need to be in a smaller group then please do get in touch for a chat.

What can I take on the water/to the beach with me?2021-02-17T14:44:59+00:00

We always advise that all valuables stay locked away in your vehicles. Anything that can sink or can be damaged by seawater is best left on the land. We have somewhere for your keys (this will be explained in the briefing when we meet).

Waterproof cameras are welcome, we suggest that they have a float and lanyard to attach to you, so they don’t sink. Phones are best left on the land as they are difficult to attach to you and are rarely salt waterproof. If you do decide to take your phone with you please put it on aeroplane mode, so that you are not distracted from the safety instructions and for the enjoyment of others on the tour.

A bottle of water for rehydration is sometimes handy…if it is very hot a hat for paddle boarding can be nice too.

Can I wear glasses?2021-02-17T14:41:17+00:00

You are welcome to wear your glasses when paddleboarding, we suggest an older pair though as sometimes they fall off. If you would like to wear glasses then it is at your own risk but we do have some glasses leashes available for you to borrow.

For surfing it is harder to keep glasses on, if you really need to see then some people have used prescription goggles!

We have had many people wear contact lenses for both activities and generally these seem to fare better! (you do need to keep your eyes closed when in the water though!)

Where can I put my car keys?2021-02-17T14:39:04+00:00

Your keys can be stored with us, better than at the bottom of the sea! We will explain this further when we meet.

Are there any toilets?2021-02-17T14:37:58+00:00

Public toilets are located in most of our locations!

In Lower town Fishguard you can find them by walking along the harbour wall towards the sea. Halfway up the harbour nestled between two garages, you’ll find the toilets.

In Newgale they are just next to the café by the car park.

Please note there aren’t any toilets available while we are out at sea so perhaps best to go just before your tour is due to start…

Public toilets are not changing rooms, please do not use them to get changed in. They are not designed with this in mind and can be very frustrating for other users who need to use them!

Are there changing rooms?2021-02-17T14:33:39+00:00

Our changing area is the great outdoors! Once you have all the kit you need at the start and at the end too, we suggest heading to your vehicle and using a BIG towel to wrap around you to keep you covered while you change.

If you don’t have a vehicle to store your clothes then you can use our van while we are out on the adventure.

Photo memories?2021-02-17T14:31:26+00:00

We carry a camera on all our adventures and try to snap some epic shots! If you would like to purchase them, they will be made available at the end of your adventure.

Price for children?2021-02-17T14:50:45+00:00

Children and adults get the same equipment and attention. Our price is per person, the same price for adults and children. 

Fitness and weight limits?2021-02-17T14:50:57+00:00

Our activities require you to have a level of fitness. You don’t have to be a triathlete but there will be a level of physical exertion! If you can walk up stairs without being out of breath you should be ok!

We do have a limit for our boards, as they do need to be able to float for you to enjoy your experience.

Maximum weight for our SUP boards are 125kgs

Maximum weight for our surf boards are 80kgs

How long does an adventure last?2021-02-17T14:21:14+00:00

Our sessions are approximately 2-2.5hrs.

Covid Questions?2024-01-08T16:22:41+00:00

Things are ever changing, however when we are open we will be operating as safely as we can to minimise any risk.

We will ask you to keep the 2 metre distance, regularly hand sanitise while we are on land and group sizes will be kept small.

Should you feel you have any covid symptoms before your adventure please do let us know and we will cancel your booking. If, after you have been out with us, you feel unwell in the days following, please get in touch and let us know so we can protect our staff.

All our gear will be sanitised, wetsuits washed, kit sprayed down to make sure it is safe.

We will do our best to keep you safe but please do be aware that there is still a risk. We will, as stated above, be cleaning as per guidelines, however it is not guaranteed 100% risk free.

Do I need insurance?2021-02-17T14:12:25+00:00

We hold public liability insurance up to £5 million and are happy to provide a copy of our certificate should you need one.
Bookings with Board Games Surfing DO NOT include personal travel or accident insurance.
Please ask your insurer for details of the necessary cover for taking part in Surfing and Stand up Paddle Boarding.

How many people are in a group?2024-01-28T11:51:58+00:00

We work on a ratio system of one surf coach to a maximum of 8 -10 clients.

For Paddle Boarding we work on a ratio system of one coach to 6-8 clients.

If you are looking for a private session please get in touch, we can work out what is best for your experience.

What if there are no waves or it’s too rough?2021-02-17T14:13:03+00:00

If the weather or sea conditions are not quite right on the day we may move to a more sheltered location or offer a different suitable date.

What’s the minimum age limit?2022-01-06T14:18:34+00:00

As a guide, the youngest we take surfing and stand up paddle boarding is 10 years of age. They need to be big enough to fit in our wetsuits (approx minimum height of 1 metre) and confident in/around the water environment. There is no upper age limit!

Where do I meet you in Pembrokeshire?2021-02-17T14:13:45+00:00

Our favourite locations are Newgale beach for surfing & Lower Town Harbour Fishguard for Paddleboarding. We’ll confirm the location of your activity when you book. If weather and sea conditions aren’t appropriate, we have the option of relocating to another venue to give you the best experience.

What time do sessions start?2021-02-17T14:14:15+00:00

Our sessions are based around the tides so they tend to vary throughout the year! Please get in touch and we can let you know when we have sessions running.

Can I use my own equipment?2023-03-29T13:05:50+01:00

Yes, you are welcome to use your own gear. If you have a wetsuit or a board, your coach will check its suitability. If they are happy it’s appropriate for the conditions then, of course, you can use it!

What do I need to bring with me?2021-02-17T14:14:42+00:00

A towel, something to wear under your wetsuit (swimsuit, shorts etc), sunscreen and any medication you may need. If you are with us all day, don’t forget a packed lunch!

Are boards and wetsuits provided?2023-03-29T14:23:14+01:00

Yes, we will supply you with a board, warm winter steamer wetsuit and boots. We also have wetsuit gloves and hoods if it’s chilly. This is all included in your experience.

Do I need to be a strong swimmer?2023-03-29T14:27:44+01:00

For SUP you are mainly on the board but there is a chance you might fall in so you must be comfortable being in the water, and we will be in deep water. You will be provided with a buoyancy aid to help you float so you don’t need to be a super swimmer, just someone who is happy in water.

For surfing, if you are new to this you don’t need to go into water deeper than your waist. Your surfing coach will be close at hand throughout the session.

If you are really nervous or not a water user but want to give surf or SUP a go please get in touch and we can make a bespoke session for you that will give you water confidence at a pace to suit you.


What are your safety standards?2023-03-29T14:24:36+01:00

All our instructors hold current coaching and lifeguard qualifications or have been in house assessed. Our team take part in regular training sessions and have full first aid certificates.
All  equipment is regularly inspected and locations are frequently risk assessed.

What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)?2021-02-17T14:16:39+00:00

Put simply, Stand Up Paddle Boarding involves standing on a large surfboard propelling yourself along with a paddle. For more information take a look at our SUP page.

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