We have had a great start this spring with some fantastic weather hitting our Welsh coastline for the last week…it felt like the Mediterranean…almost!

On Easter Sunday we started the day with an amazing stand up paddle board session! We began in the harbour and after we had run through a few skills and top tips we were quickly making our way along the coast. With the sun out and the sea like glass we soon found our way to the stunning Needle rock.
Paddleboarding to Needle Rock Fishguard Pembrokeshire

Needle rock is a bit of a haven for the amazing bird life that can been seen on the Pembrokeshire coast! Most ledges are full of razorbills and guillemots, who dive down from their perch and take flight just above the water to go out to find food! Shags and cormorants dive down and we were lucky enough to see a fish vs shag battle…we think the fish won and made a lucky escape but the shag continued to try to get him back!

We had another great paddle board adventure with a family group later in the week, in which we had far too much fun splashing about in the water…with many games of “pirates”
Stand up Paddle Boarding pirates, Lower Town Harbour Fishguard Pembrokeshire
and some exploring the coast too! On the same session we even had Libby’s dad join in on his first ever SUP experience …..he was a bit wobbly but he made it to his feet!
SUP Paddle Boarding Pembrokeshire

SUP Paddle Boarding Pembrokeshire

SUP Paddle Boarding Pembrokeshire

So if you were thinking about giving stand up paddle boarding a go…young or old….come and join us in our Pembrokeshire playground soon!