Last summer we had a great day out on the water! We set up a SUP trade day so that the members of Pembrokeshire Tourism could see what we are up to. So we headed to Lower Town Fishguard with the van and trailer full of wetsuits, boards and paddles ready to adventure!

We gathered together, filled out the important paperwork, handed out wetsuits and soon we were ready to get going.

We started on dry land, explaining how to use the paddle and getting them all adjusted to fit each person. Then a bit of info about the boards, starting out on the knees and hopefully getting to their feet 🙂

Soon we were off into the sea, we had a bit of wind blowing but it was pushing us back into the harbour so was what we like to call a nice safe wind! We all started off on our knees to get the feeling of the board, then up to feet for those feeling brave 🙂

It wasn’t long before the silliness began with trying to see who could stand on one leg, followed by how far back and then of course someone mentioned a head stand! It had to be done, everyone ended up falling in. But we all had a great time and lots of laughter!



Once the tiredness began to set in we headed back up the river towards the van! Everyone had a great time, agreeing that it was more fun than they thought it would be…yay! We like to show people how much fun you can have out there!

So we would like to thank everyone for coming by and checking us out. A special thanks to Pembrokeshire Tourism for setting it up and inviting members to come along, a special mention goes out to Gemma from the team that donned a wetsuit and came out to play
Dennis we WILL get you out there too!

So if you feel like you too want to give this SUPer fun sport a go, come and join us for some serious fun 🙂