Yep, its been a stonking summer here in Pembrokeshire šŸ™‚ Yes, in Wales! We know it sounds wrong, as many people believe Wales is ALWAYS wet but no, we can confirm some serious sunshine. In fact as we sit here and write the sun is still blazing in, even though we are supposed to be feeling the affects of hurricane Bertha….all we got was the windy part with intermittent major rain but mostly more sun!

So with such great weather we have been out having some serious fun! Lots of stand up paddleboarding and when the waves have appeared some surfing fun too! It has been a busy time and this week we have had a mini breather with a whole day to spend catching up on the computer! (we say a whole day, of course we have been out checking the waves and water conditions…you can’t keep us inside that long!)

Our SUP sessions have been popular with all ages from the little dudes right up to the older dudes šŸ™‚ Children Paddleboarding in Pembrokeshire

We have had some great headstand challenges, some super successful and others just a giggle! Paddleboarding Headstand We get up to all sorts on our paddleboard sessions, all good fun and nothing too serious šŸ˜‰ With great coastal views, calm waters and options to chill back and soak it up or jump in lots! Exploring Caves while stand up paddleboarding in pembrokeshire wales

We have spotted some wildlife out and about with jellyfish being the most common, oh and the birds…there is always some sort of bird about! Here is a picture of a Lions Mane Jellyfish, he is a stinger…bit of a nasty one but so beautiful to look at, especially when you are floating above! Lions Mane Jellyfish Soon we will have lots of seals checking us out while we check them out! They are about to come into pupping season so watch this space..well go watch the sea, you are more likely to find them there!

Our surfing adventures have been great fun too, with more serious times Surfing Lessons in Pembrokeshire
The waves have been great to learn on when they arrive! Nice mellow waves Surfing in Pembrokeshire
We have had lots of family fun and we even took a 70 year old out as a birthday treat…as we say you are never too old to give it a go!

We love to take people out on adventures and it really doesn’t matter if you have never had a go before. We take great care to make sure that you get out of the lesson what you want…if that is riding waves lying down and loving it then that is cool with us šŸ™‚ and if you want to learn more skills we can do that too! The most important thing for us is making sure there is a smile on your face šŸ™‚ Kids surfing in Wales

So what are you waiting for?! Come and join in the fun today! We’ll see you in the water šŸ™‚