Leaving the winter blues behind…for some summer ones in Morocco instead!

So it has become an annual trip away…Morocco. We love Pembrokeshire all year round, but it is nice to get a bit of a break from it all. For the past few years we have jetted off and stayed in Agadir. This year we chose our base to be Imsouane. What can we say about this magical place? It has got so much to offer, great accommodation, fresh fish and some epic waves! Not to forget some great places to take a wonder and wave watch.

Pink sunrise wave checkWave watching, BOOM! Morocco


So what do we get up to on our holidays?!

Surf of course, all day every day, pretty much! A team of us (8 this year), head out and have a blast! Double dips most days, with some chilling in the sun too, just what we all needed! We love our work but it is great to really switch off!  The internet in Morocco is intermittent at best so for the most part no communications with the outside world go on.

Blue skies crew!Surfing, after sunset waves,fun!Morocco Beach views

This year we had some cool winds and even rain!! Although the rain was actually more like dust falling, it was quite funny really as the land is so dry it just disappears, a little different to Wales! For the most part though the sun shone and we all had smiles on our faces. We even managed to fit some skateboards in our luggage so had evening sessions on boards and could skate down to the beach to check the conditions.

Skate board surf checkNight skating in Morocco


Imsouane is an amazing place and is a traditional fishing port with some seriously skilled fishermen. They often have to navigate through big waves, avoiding the surfers to get their boats back in to port! It is quite amazing to watch them work as a team, from the guys on the land to the boats coming in, they work in complete harmony knowing what to do most of the time. There is a tractor that pulls them up to park on a giant slipway, then carts appear to unload their catch and before you know it you can buy that days catch off the market! The fish tastes amazing, we ate out in a restaurant that overlooked them working hard at the port, it was phenomenal! We also brought fish from the market a number of times, and one day brought something that we named “praying mantis shrimps”….they were very spiky and odd!Fresh fish cooked to perfection!Moroccan fishermen bringing in the fish.Praying Mantis shrimp


Would we go back?

In a heartbeat we would go back!! All in all a fab place for a break away, a stunning apartment with everything we needed, the occasional power cut and no water but that is all part of the adventure. Surf on tap and fresh fish daily, what more could we ask for?! It is always nice to come home to Pembrokeshire, even if it did feel a little chilly on our return! We do feel fully refreshed and ready for another great year of adventures 🙂

Sand dunescold surf in Pembrokeshire, all the layers