What have we been up to?

There may have been too many adventures, which means not doing blog posts! We can only apologise for our lack of updates, but the fun took over! Can you believe that Autumn has been and almost gone, anyone see where it went?! Winter is arriving as I type, we love all seasons here though so it is all good. The Pembrokeshire Coast is amazing all year round.

splashing fun surf winter surfsunrise SUP

Summer fun…

What have we been up to this year I hear you all cry…Well let me tell you it has been a whirlwind of sea based fun! We have had fantastic trips along our glorious coast, the wildlife has been on top form. There have been wonderful birds in May, a fair few visits from dolphins in June, to the seals in September. Surfing sessions have been super, with some epic rides from beginners and returning surf dudes! We really have had a blast this year šŸ™‚

Surfing dudeCheeky crabSurf pose!SUP sillynessAmazing cavesCalm sea fun


We have had some great visits from returning clients, we love it when you guys come back to see us each year! One of our favourite groups would be team Trice. They are often one of our last big groups and we know it will be a giggle, because that is how they roll!This year they booked the weather perfectly for a nice flat calm day, sometimes tricky in October but we managed it and had a brilliant session as always!

Smooth stand up paddle boardingHaving a bit of fun!Quick dip!

What are we up to now?

Having some adventures, getting out to sea in our sea kayaks,stand up paddle boards and when the waves play nice, of course going surfing! Allll the things, along with sorting out kit, cleaning everything down and the paperwork bits too. We are still doing some sessions in the sea and will do all winter but it is much quieter so we get out and have fun! In fact we have had such mild days in November there has been a bit of bikini clad SUP action….costa del Pembrokeshire šŸ˜‰

Beautiful coast viewSea kayak adventuresWarm November SUP fun

Well there we go, a little bit of what we have been up to, sorry for not blogging much, we are much better at being out at sea! If you need any Christmas ideas…how about a voucher for a loved one, or yourself!