Let the winter adventures begin!

So many people ask us in the summer what do you do in the winter? Well, this winter we have been up to all sorts! It takes us a month to settle into a more chilled out lifestyle after the summer madness. We just enjoy the slowing down part first and then we get up to all sorts! Catching up with family and friends in the first few months, some adventures if the weather allows and generally have a very merry time! During December we got out for a few chilly SUP trips along our coast, it was quite fresh but beautiful! Check out a few pictures of some stand up paddle boarding fun below.


We love a Pembrokeshire caveSUP reflections super calm Adventures Feeling a little chilly paddling the Pembrokeshire coastal Adventures Sporting the new Board Games team SUP hoodie on Adventures






Morocco surfing fun…

We nipped off to Morocco for some winter sun and surfing adventures in January which was great fun! We had waves, sunshine, fresh fish, lots of laughs and Libby didn’t get traded in for any camels which is always a bonus! Morocco is an amazing country full of so many wonderful characters and some phenomenal fresh food. Their culture is very different to the UK but as long as you are aware of this then you can have a fab trip out there, dress right and get used to saying no thank you, a lot!!!

Settling in…

We stayed in Agadir as it is a great cheap place to stay and from there you have a whole coastline to explore. We spent a fair bit of time finding secluded surf spots all to ourselves and having days of surfing fun!

They have guys that will turn up to even the most remote surf break with blankets, hats, changing robes, in fact, you name it they will probably have it for sale, they love to give a bit of hassle but if you are nice enough you might even make a friend. This year we made friends with one beach seller, his name was Mo and he was a superstar! Ok, we brought some things from him, but he told us all sorts of stories about his home. He somehow managed to turn up with hot honey tea for us always at the right time (and the tea was free and very very tasty!) it is a memory of the trip that will stay with us for a long time.

Final sunrise over the sleepy rooftops, Morocco Adventures What a sunrise, Morocco Adventures Leave only footprints, Morocco Adventures What a view, Morocco Adventures Sunny days at the beach, Morocco Adventures

Surfing at Boilers, Morocco Adventures






Waves, waves, waves…..

The waves were pretty good for the time of year we were there. The best thing to do is hire cars so you can drive up and down the coast to find the best waves.

We got to surf one of our favourite wave spots for two days of epic rides! Imsouane is an amazing spot on a bit of a peninsular which has formed a cool little surf hang out. It has some seriously awesome waves! It is almost like being in a wave pool, they can be that consistent! You paddle for a wave, take an epic long ride all the way to the beach, get out, walk around and hop back on another wave! Brilliant! One of our last days was spent here and we all surfed until we physically couldn’t lift our arms up! We ended the trip by a meal of fresh fish watching over the ocean, amaaaazing!

If anyone is thinking of heading out for a trip, all we can say is do it and do it soon!

Board Games on tour on Moroccan Adventures








Stay tuned for what else we have been up to over the winter months……