Need to propel yourself around the water then we have a paddle for you! From a basic SUP paddle right up to the shiny carbon versions.

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  • Jobe Aluminium SUP Paddle is a great paddle for beginners and beyond! This SUP Paddle is perfect for the all-round and entry-level rider with 100% aluminium, a weight of 1000 grams and a reinforced nylon blade. A smart streamlined blade gives the user power and control over its board. An easy click & go system enables you to share your paddle with friends and family and pack & travel with ease.

    Paddle info:

    • Adjustable in 3 pieces
    • Blade angle: 9°
    • Blade surface: 87 in²
    • Blade width: 7,4" | 189mm
    • Comfortable plastic T-grip
    • Length: 66,9" / 82,6" | 170cm / 210cm
    • Light and stiff aluminium shaft
    • Pin-hole click and go adjustment
    • Plastic blade
    • Weight: 980g | 2,16lbs
  • This Red Paddle adjustable paddle is one of our pre-loved items which means it has been on many adventures but is ready for more (there will be some bumps and scrapes but this doesn’t affect performance)! A great all-round paddle to get you going. Red Paddle adjustable paddle will get you going nice and smooth out on your watery adventures. They are fully adjustable so great if you are still growing or not sure of what size you like yet. We also have junior versions for the small crew members! A great strong paddle that we love.

    Paddle info:

    • Aluminium shaft
    • Plastic paddle
    • Adjustable with locking mechanism
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