Here’s a rundown of the Surf & SUP Equipment you’ll use when Surfing or Stand Up Paddle Boarding with Board Games Surfing.

Jobe Titan Paddle BoardJobe SUP Paddle Board 10’2″

Super floaty and impressively stable paddle boards. With a grippy foam deck and a slick bottom. This stand up paddle board is perfect for beginners and great fun for intermediate SUP paddlers too.



Alder Edge Wetsuit Boots Surf & SUP Equipment

Alder Edge Wetsuit Boots

Not only will these keep your feet toasty warm but they’ll also protect your feet when walking on pebbles etc.




Alder Edge Wetsuit Gloves Surf & SUP Equipment

Alder Edge Wetsuit Gloves

3mm neoprene, an optional extra that will keep your hands toasty warm on a chilly day. We carry a selection of sizes including children’s.



Alder Stealth Wetsuit Hood Surf & SUP Equipment

Alder Stealth Wetsuit Hood

3mm neoprene wet suit hood, another optional extra to keep out wind and cold water.



Atunas Bodyboards Surf & SUP Equipment

Atunas Bodyboards

Ideal if you’re not keen on the bigger surfboards or just want to mix it up a bit.



BGSurfing Rashvest Surf & SUP Equipment

BGSurfing Rash vest

Pop one of these over your wetsuit. Not only are they cool, but it also makes it easier to identify you in the sea – especially on a busy day!



Circle One Softboard 8′ Surfboard Surf & SUP Equipment

Circle One Softboard 8′ Surfboard

Fantastic fun for children, adults, beginners and intermediates alike. Foam deck with a slick bottom, stable and super floaty to catch the smallest of waves.



TIKI Adjustable SUP Paddle Surf & SUP Equipment

RED Adjustable SUP Paddle

It’s surprising how long you’ll need your paddle to be to make you comfy while paddling. We have adjustable paddles, so we can adjust as we go.




TIKI ADV Winter Steamer Wetsuits Surf & SUP Equipment

TIKI ADV Winter Steamer Wetsuits and Cskins Winter wetsuits

It’s surprising how warm you can be with one of these wetsuits on. We supply full length winter wets all year round. So even in winter or on chillier days, it will keep the heat in and the cold out.



Palm universal Buoyancy aid

Palm Universal Buoyancy aid

To keep you super safe if you fall into the water while we SUP, these are great floatation devices.




With our Surf & SUP Equipment, you’ll be toasty warm…

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